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What is Kaya Toast? カヤトーストって何?

What is Kaya Toast?

What is Kaya Toast?


Do you know what Kaya Toast is?
Kaya Toast is a soul food in Singapore!! Made from sugar, egg, coconut milk and pandan leaf (herb) Sandwich the kaya jam and butter. It ’s local to eat hot spring eggs with toast this is a classic way to eat.
Japanese tourists visiting Singapore first high calorie and strong sweet impression, resistance to eating It seems. However, once you eat kaya toast, you will be captivated by the taste.


The secret of deliciousness Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam is Coconut milk, eggs, sugar, bread made from Dunleaf a classic in Southeast Asia This is jam. Use coconut milk for healthand beauty good reputation. Among Japanese people living inSingapore who are staying for a long time, There are many peoplewho are hooked on Kaya Toast as a local gourmet in Singapore. Eating a soft-boiled egg with Kaya Toast and drinking coffee with condensed milk is Singaporean breakfast.
In Singapore, Kaya Toast is always on the menu for coffee shop mornings. The taste changes slightly depending on how the toast is baked, the kaya jam recipe, and the thickness of the butter. The taste changes dependingon the store. Kaya Jam is a simple but profoundtraditional Singaporean food.