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What is Kopi? コピって何?

What is Kopi?

What is Kopi?


Singapore refers to coffee as “Kopi”. This style was inspired by Chinese and Malay culture.
“Copi” in Singapore and Southeast Asia It is rich and very sweet. Beans are mainly Robusta
seeds, sugar, corn starch, margarine (Or butter, once also lard) It’s roasted.
How to put coffee is different from drip or
espresso. Add powder to hot water, mix, leave for a few minutes, and strain with a cotton
filter. The work has a unique style. If the clerk is pouring coffee from a high position, that person is filtering coffee. Condensed milk is indispensable. A Kopi always comes with
a spoon. A spoon for stirringcondensed milk that has settled at the bottom of the cup.

コピ(kopi) 【コンデンスミルク(練乳)入りコーヒー】


Coffee with condensed milk



No milk, coffee with sugar



Un sweetened condensed milk coffee



No sugar, no milk coffee

There are many other names. It's hard to remember. Try it all first let's find the taste you like!